ANYI #41
ANYI #41
ANYI #41
Seda Collective

ANYI #41

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ANYI Bracelets (pronounced: Angie) is named after our indigenous artisan - Anyi Viviana Dorado Cordoba

Each bracelet was hand beaded by Anyi in Putumayo, Colombia.

This pieces was hand beaded over 6 hours with more than 800 beads. 

I hope you can feel the love and passion we’ve put in to each SEDA piece. Join me, and let’s travel through Colombia together in form of wearable art!


Length: Adjustable sliding knot design x Width: 2.5cm


I am made out of glass beads, so my colours will never fade.

I am woven one bead at a time with the same thread that the Indigenous tribes used to use for fishing, so I am very durable.

Its designed to never get tangled but to be cautious, please lay me flat and store separately when not wearing.


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