Chapter 2 | Colombia Collection

In CHAPTER 2 we continue to honour our mission of keeping culture alive.

Chapter 2 reimagines our eye-catching seed bead jewellery by combining this traditional technique with gold and different metal elements to create pieces that are statement but also minimal.

We also took a fun approach and created many different Frida Kahlo Earrings. As she is an artist loved by many worldwide also an idol for some of our weavers.

ANYI Bracelets (pronounced: Angie) is named after our indigenous artisan - Anyi Viviana Dorado Cordoba. Each bracelet was hand beaded by Anyi from Putumayo, Colombia.

All the profits from the ANYI Bracelets will go toward the Jaguar Siembra Project. SEDA Collective will work with Jaguar Siembra to plant agro-forestal areas with the local communities of Sierra Nevada, Colombia. The reforestation project contains: rescuing the native lands and reforest them, we will strive to preserve nature, mitigate climate change, preserve the water, supplies and food. More on this project coming soon!

WEAVING STORIES was beaded by 12 different artisans from all parts of Colombia.

We hope you love and embrace our Chapter 2 | WEAVING STORIES.

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