Chapter 1 | The beginning...

Colombia Collection, Chapter 1, is only the beginning for SEDA Collective. We began with the most intricate beaded work, inspired and handmade in Colombia by the indigenous tribes. All proceeds go toward the tribes.

Beaded jewellery can be traced back for decades and can be found in various cultures. Beads are believed to be the oldest form of jewellery. Different techniques and patterns have different significants to the tribes that bead them.

Chapter 1 takes us through the jungles of Colombia, with pieces based on the Amazons, the exotic animals, fruits and flowers of the jungle, taking inspiration from the most beloved crop, coffee beans, to the colourful walls of the Caribbean coast. I wish you to feel the love and passion on this collection and I also hope to take you with me in this journey through Colombia in a form of wearable art.

This collection is photographed by Santiago Soler @baubaumann with Make-up by Alina Zhao @alina.zhao. The models are Kaede @Kaede.jpg, Stephanie @stephie_dim, Georgia @zabadube and Natasha @tanasha_gonam