ANYI #42
ANYI #42
ANYI #42
Seda Collective

ANYI #42

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ANYI Bracelets (pronounced: Angie) is named after our indigenous artisan - Anyi Viviana Dorado Cordoba

Each bracelet was hand beaded by Anyi in Putumayo, Colombia.

This pieces was hand beaded over 6 hours with more than 800 beads. 

I hope you can feel the love and passion we’ve put in to each SEDA piece. Join me, and let’s travel through Colombia together in form of wearable art!


SEDA aims to use the highest quality material in all of our designs however this item has been reduced because the pink beads used here will eventually fade in colour. 

To maintain the colours of this piece and more info  please click here!

Our artisans have been fully paid for all the work.


Length: Adjustable sliding knot design x Width: 5 cm

Weight approximately: 20 grams


I am made out of glass beads.

I am woven one bead at a time with the same thread that the Indigenous tribes used to use for fishing, so I am very durable.

Its designed to never get tangled but to be cautious, please lay me flat and store separately when not wearing.


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