Mother's Day chat with Subhi Bora

Mother's Day chat with Subhi Bora

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A little intro about who you are.

I’m an Australian Uyghur and currently a full time mum to my 7 month old.

What women have inspired you?

My mum and my sister are my biggest inspirations for real. Also my women friends from whom I’ve learnt so much.

What's your favourite part of being a mother?

My favourite part about being a mother is this special unbreakable love I feel for my daughter. Watching her grow and discover the world and the joy that brings with it.

How are you passing down your cultural heritage to your daughter?

I’d love to pass down my Uyghur heritage to my daughter by teaching her the Uyghur language and sharing with her all our beautiful cultural motifs like etles and the doppa.

What is your favourite SEDA piece?

My favourite SEDA piece is the VERA double flower earrings in gold. They make any outfit more glamorous.

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