About us

SEDA Collective is an ethical jewellery brand aiming to collaborate with indigenous Colombian cultures in a form of wearable art. Having fallen in love with the colours, textiles and history behind their handmade arts and crafts, Denara started SEDA Collective in 2018.

Mauricio in Colombia, 2017.


It all began in 2017 when Denara met the talented indigenous artisian, Mauricio, deep in the jungle of Valle del Cauca. Mauricio introduced her to the Cauca Tribe and they developed an instant connection. Denara learnt about the meanings and techniques behind their patterns and how they represented the values and culture of his people; their traditional hand-woven technique is a unique skill passed down through many generations. Her journey with the Cauca Tribe inspired Denara’s first chapter of SEDA Collective.

'SEDA' means for voice and echo.

These designs make up the voices and echoes of the independent and indigenous tribes Denara works with. SEDA aims to breathe new life into traditional crafts and textiles, creating new, collaborative pieces with artisans worldwide. Our collections pay fair wages and support local artists - the Colombia Collection is only the beginning for SEDA Collective. We can’t wait to take you with us on our journey around the world!