SEDA Collective is a purpose driven business. There are many costs that are goes into our business, without looking at this detail breakdown our prices may seem high to you.

So lets look at true cost behind the ALIYA coat (pictured above) 

ALIYA Coat total price = $1295.00

- Handmade vintage textiles and materials = $300

- Labour of love by our artisan = $200

- Shipping to Australia and customs = $120

- Payment fee = $30

- GST = $129.50

- Shipping to you = $30

- Packaging = $30

- Donation to Uyghur Initiative = $50

Which leaves us with SEDA working cost of $405.50. This money helps us to directly invest back into our sustainable business, to fund our next collections and many other costs that goes into our business, list below;

- Online marketing

- Website hosting subscriptions

- In person market stall fees, pop up store fees and any travel costs that is involve

- Hiring photographers and models

- Graphic designers, web developers

- Designing, pattern making, sampling

- months of calls back and forth with our artisans

- Research/Invest into other artisanal communties

- Expanding our team

Although we are still a very small business we always have our artisans and you in our best interest, for this reason we decided to sell our coats exclusively through our online boutique, this means that we wont have the exposure other retailer may bring us but we are willing to take that chance as retail mark ups can be anywhere from 50%-70%, which means the AYPATAM Vest would have retailed for $1200, ALIYA coat would have cost $1600-$1800 and the RABIYA COAT around $2500.

We aim to be transparent with you on this journey as you watch us grow. We hope you see and feel the love we put into everything we do.