Three hours from Kabul, deep in the Afghan mountains. The family have been running their atelier making and trading coats, rugs and home decors with vintage textiles since the 50s. They used to travel a lot between Turkey and Afghanistan to export lots of rugs but the economy crisis in Turkey left them without much opportunities and then the pandemic has further affected their livelihood.

Our artisan family have been hand making Afghan coats for over 3 generations now. The family atelier is made up of 2 women and 4 men. It’s truly a family run labours of love, the sons usually goes to source vintage suzanis along Silk Road. The men of the family is also in charge of sourcing Mongolian sheep trim rugs and cut them into pieces and sewed them together. The women of the family does the pattern making, lining, sewing it all together.

My goal with SEDA was always to work with artisans worldwide. So, it feels so right to bring this into fruition. We have launched 4 styles AYPATAM, GÜL, ALIYA and RABIYA. (meaning behind the names will be explained soon.)

Our Afghan coats are made with one of a kind vintage Suzani found in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the fur trims are 100% upcycled from Mongolian rugs.

with love, Denara