SEDA aims to use the highest quality material in all of our designs. However, some of our listed items were produced with dyed beads that will naturally fade in colour with daily usage.

These items are currently reduced in price because they are made with pale pink, bright purple, pastel yellow or beige beads and these dyed beads will eventually fade in colour. These items can be found in our sale section with a description detailing which beads will eventually fade due to wear.  

SEDA collective is still a very young business and we are continually learning how to best conduct a slow fashion brand without compromising quality and remaining consistent with our ethical values and our passion for sustainability.

It is important to note that we used glass beads and the thread we use in our jewellery are the same thread indigenous tribes have  used for fishing with for many years. They have been selected due to their historical and cultural value and their durability.

We have provided some information on how to best care for your dyed SEDA pieces and to ensure their longevity below.


(Picture above: SEDA bracelet example made with dyed pink and pastel yellow beads fading after 8 weeks of daily wear)

The dyed beads used in these bracelets will naturally fade after 3 months of daily wear. You may notice that the bracelets will fade quicker than the other items of dyed bead jewellery due to the placement of the bracelet and its contact with the skin. It is highly recommended that you avoid getting the bracelet wet by showering, sweating or allowing them to get in contact with perfumes, body lotions, deodorants and other hygiene products. When removing the bracelet, return the bracelet to the provided jewellery pouch and keep the item away from direct sunlight.

Also, please keep in mind that the longevity is also based on usage. If you wear the bracelet on a daily basis, this will cause the item to fade faster.


(Pictured above: SEDA Earring example made with beige dyed bead fading after 9 months)                                                                           

As for SEDA earrings made with these dyed beads, they can take up to 12 months before you may notice the colour of the beads fading. This is due to the fact that they have limited contact with the skin therefore avoiding the friction that generally causes them to fade. We suggest storing the earrings in the jewellery pouch provided and keeping them out of contact with direct sunlight. Please make sure to remove the earrings when showering and avoid getting products such as perfume on the earrings.

If the piece you have purchased or intending to purchase is not found in our sale section or there is no description detailing the use of dyed beads, please follow the general care instructions instead.

We do apologise for any misleading information we have provided. However, we hope that upon following the care instructions provided, you will ensure a longer period of wear and enjoyment of your items.

Please note, that even though these items are listed for sale on our online store, the amazing artisans who have weaved these products have been paid in full. We are more than happy to take a small loss of profits as doing otherwise compromises our ethical values.

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I first saw these earrings at the finders keepers market in Sydney but didn't buy them. I couldn't stop thinking about them so had to buy them online. They are beautiful.


I have just received my coat today and had to write to say, hands down it is one of the most incredible pieces of clothing / art I have ever purchased. I have been so anxious spending so much on an item and not seen or tried on. I had no idea if it would fit or would be like the photo.
The coat fits perfectly and I absolutely love the colour the fabrics the craftsmanship the everything thank you from the bottom of my heart I will cherish this piece for ever and wear it with so much love xx

A piece of art 😍

I have received the package a few days ago, everything arrived perfectly. The coat is truly amazing, what a piece of art. I'm so in love with it. It feels like it's made for me. And the earring: are so beautiful. I'm really happy I ordered these things from you. I will recommend SEDA to others for sure.
Thank you for your good care.

Love! Love! Love!

The quality of my SEDA mochila bag is outstanding! The intricate beading and durable materials show true craftsmanship. This bag is not only stylish but also built to last. Plus, supporting SEDA Collective, a business committed to fair trade and sustainability, makes it even more special. Highly recommend for anyone seeking quality and ethical fashion!

A one of a kind gem!

The SEDA mochila bag is an absolute gem! The craftsmanship is exquisite, with vibrant patterns and sturdy materials. It's incredibly functional and stylish, perfect for any occasion. Plus, supporting fair trade artisans makes it even more meaningful. I've received countless compliments on it. Highly recommend!

The best mochila ever!

I recently purchased a SEDA Collective mochila bag, and I couldn't be more delighted with my choice! The craftsmanship is absolutely stunning! The bag is not only a visual masterpiece but also highly functional. It's spacious enough to carry all my essentials, making it perfect for everyday use or as a stylish accessory for special occasions.

I’ve received numerous compliments every time I carry my SEDA mochila bag, and I proudly share the story behind it. If you're looking for a unique, beautifully crafted bag that makes a positive mpact, look no further than SEDA Collective. Highly recommend!

Maravillosos aretes

Estos aretes los combino cn todo. Hasta con camisa y saco para ir al trabajo. Son precioso de color y estilo. Se te gusta lo extravagante y único, te encantarán.

Stunning and striking!

Beautiful quality earrings, I love them! Packaged well. Can’t wait to build my collection!

Charlotte Hatlauf
Showstopper vest

I cannot wait for it to be cold enough to wear my vest! It’s so cosy and the colours are gorgeous! Such a unique and special piece


I am honestly so in love wit those wonderful earrings! They make me feel so great and I get so many compliments on them :) Thanks so much for the bag to keep them safe and keep up the good work xx

Awesome earings

I'm in love with the Mariposa Maxi earings. They are beautiful, lights and above all, unique. I couldn´t be happier.
Estoy enamorada de mis aretes de Mariposa Maxi. Son hermosos, ligeros y sobre todo, únicos. No puedo estar más feliz.


Vivid and my fav pair


I am from Peru and I absolutely love the concept of this bag and the fact that it was handmade by the locals. The smell of it and colors bring me nostalgia. Will absolutely bring this awesome bag to my travels.


I don’t wear purses, so this is the perfect little bag for my phone and keys. Love the style and length of the strap.


It took me a while to decide which cute hummingbird to get as they are all so pretty. I settled on this one and I am so happy with it. The colours are stunning and the beading is so detailed. I really appreciate that they are all hand made and one of a kind.

Beautiful butterfly brooch

I love that it is one of a kind and handmade. The greens are just gorgeous.

Blue butterfly earrings

I love these earrings! I bought the maxi butterfly earrings. I wanted something smaller just in case.

Butterfly earrings

I love these earrings! I was looking for butterfly earrings. I picked these over others I saw.

Absolutely gorgeous!

Inger Jakobsen
Magical creation

Deep gratitude towards the artists and creators involved with the SEDA collective. My Mochila is earthy and exactly what I was looking for to accompany me on my journey.

For a friend

I loved my first order so much I got another one for a friend! So beautiful


These earrings are absolutely gorgeous. A beautiful piece of art to wear.


A beautiful piece. I absolutely love the dark red colour.

So beautiful

Such a beautiful colour and so flattering

Jamie Sommer
Beautiful Coat

I received my coat, and it is beautiful and well made, very happy with it!